This is where the journey begins! The very first step is to check that you are a commercial client? If you are looking to use this illustration for business purposes,  you are in the right place! The next step is to pin point which type of illustration will work best for your business and how you would like to use the illustration, once it is complete. The following list will give you a good idea of the scope of Katie’s work although it is not definitive:


   Event maps

 Office/Shop front/Buildings 

 Country estate and hotel site maps

Geographical maps – villages, towns, cities, counties, countries etc…

 Supplier maps for pubs/restaurants

 School buildings


 Branding, marketing, websites


 Visitor maps for handouts or bill boards

 Framed print as a feature piece for the businesses

 For use on merchandise to sell

Once Katie has had a chat with you about the content of the illustration and its commercial uses, she will pop you over a quote and a time estimation. If you are happy with the quote, Katie will email a commercial contract to sign and hip hip hooray, the project will be booked in! 

Now to the fun part! Katie has an extensive knowledge and understanding of working with commercial clients and has some really handy processes to keep the project as smooth as possible. If it is a large project, a set of feedback stages will be arranged so the client can check the work in progress. Katie usually works from photographs to complete the commissions – this method has always worked well and helps keeps the costs down. To kick the project off, Katie will set up a shared Dropbox folder to start uploading photographs into. Depending on the project, this might be one photo or a set of many, but Katie will guide you on what she needs to start drawing. She will also go over colour schemes, size formats and and all the little things which enable the illustration to be 100% bespoke and tailored to suit your business and its requirements. Once both parties are happy with the plan, Katie will start drawing! 

Once the commission is complete and both parties are happy, Katie will send the illustration/s over in the agreed format. 

Once complete, Katie is also able to produce a range of merchandise featuring your illustration, from tea towels to cards, prints and many more lovely bits! We use 100% British manufactures  and can design the products and packaging too – meaning that the products are ready to go straight onto shelves. For merchandise prices and examples, please see the merchandise page.



Katie was given a fabulous opportunity to work with the Harrogate International Festivals on their 50th anniversary marketing image. A brief was sent via email detailing the elements they wished to include, a rough dimension and what they wished to use the illustration for. Once the quote had been agreed, Katie got cracking! It was a super fun project of a house filled with musicians and artists, a Speigltent and an outdoor cinema and the client was thrilled with the outcome. Soon after the illustration was handed over, it appeared on billboards, magazine covers and advertising across Harrogate. Later that year, Katie and her family were invited to Harrogate to the offical opening day where they met Charles and Camilla to present a copy of the illustration to them. We like to think they have it hanging in thei downstairs loo! The following year, Harrogate International Festivals asked Katie to produce a Christmas version for VIP Christmas cards and for social media.